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I'm going to say this real fast and you should know that I mean it because. I have belonged to many diet groups in the past. With most, I would lose weight and then, as usual, gain it back. I would sit at meetings and hear people talk about belonging to a particular diet group for years and I would think, "No ------- way am I going to be able to stay on this diet for years." And as the self fulfilling prophecy goes, I didn't and the weight came back on. However, for some reason, I can see myself coming to the DCN Weight Loss Group meetings, and staying with the program. Last night, a bunch of us went to Houlihan's. I actually went online before the dinner and found out the caloric content of their foods and was able to make a pretty intelligent decision about what I ate. WOW!! I have never done that before. Maybe I'm in love with you. No!! Maybe I think what you say makes sense. Anyway, Thanks!! From Barry J., Warminster, PA.

"It's Taken me less than 5 months to lose 20 LBS. On my last diet it took me a year to lose 20 LBS. Why? This time I am learning how to eat properly instead of dieting. Thanks Bruce - I look forward to our meetings and learning new things at each meeting." From Arlene, Warminster, Pa.

"This most certainly has been the easiest weight loss plan I have ever followed. It has absolutely become a way of life for me. I no longer think of this as a diet, it is a life it. I do not obsess about food the way I have with other weight loss plans. Bruce has done a fabulous job of running the program and passing along pertinent information. I highly recommend the Diet Chat Network to any of those considering a weight loss program." From Evy, Warminster Pa.

"I have been coming to the DCN meetings for about 3 months. I actually look forward to Thursday's because I enjoy the meetings so much. Bruce is very knowledgeable about how to lose weight and keeps the group motivated to achieve their goals. Bruce suffers from the same problems all of us do so everyone feels comfortable discussing their issues. Although I have been losing very slowly I am still motivated and come every week. I plan to reach my goal." From Janie, Southampton Pa.

"You have done an excellent job in giving me incentive to lose weight. Without this I could not do it myself." From Marc, Southampton Pa.

"DCN weight loss group is a marvelous program. Bruce is excellent at finding the problem I am having and how to handle it. The meetings are very important to me." From Barbara, Southampton, Pa.

"I started coming to the class last May. This was the best decision I made starting this program. Bruce is a terrific leader. I know every Thursday I have to face the scale. It helps me stay in check. Everyone in the group keeps me motivated. I will be coming to these meetings forever. This is not a diet, it is a way of life for healthy eating." From Linda, Newtown Pa.

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