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Life is like a train ride.

This is a great story which will give you inspiration

for your weight loss  journey

This story is given to us by Kathy A. who is a lifelong member.

The passengers on the train are seemingly going to the same destination as you, but based on their belief in you or their belief that the train will get them to their desired destination they will stay on the ride or they will get off somewhere during the trip. 

People can and will get off at any stop. 

Just know that where people get off is more of an reflection on them, than it is on you. 

There will be a few people in your life that will make the whole trip with you, who believe in you, accept that you are human and that mistakes will be made along the way, and that you will get to your desired destination - together, no matter what. 

Be very grateful of these people.

They are rare and when you find one, don't let go of them - ever. 

Be blessed for the ones who get on at the worst stops when no one is there. 

Remember those people, they are special. 

Always hold them dear to your heart. 

Be very wary of people sneaking on at certain stops when things are going good and acting like they have been there for the whole ride. 

For they will be the first to depart. 

There will be ones who secretly try to get off the ride and there will be those that very publicly will jump off. 

Don't pay any heed to the defectors. 

Pay heed to the passengers that are still on the trip. 

They are the important ones. 

If someone tries to get back on the train - don't be angry or hold a grudge, let them. 

Just see where they are around the next hard turn. 

If they are buckled in - accept them. 

If they are pulling the hand rail alarm again - then let them off the train freely and waste no space in your head for them again, ever. 

There will be times that the train will be moving slow, at almost a crawls pace. 

Appreciate that you can take in the view. 

There will be times where the train is going so fast that everything is a blur. 

Enjoy the sense of speed in your life, as it is exhilarating but unsustainable. 

There will also be the chance that the train derails. 

If that does happen, it will hurt, a lot, for a long time. 

But there will be people who will appear out of no where who will get you back on track. 

Those will be the people that will matter most in your life. 

Love them forever. 

For you can never repay these people. 

The thing is, that even if you could repay them, they wouldn't accept it anyway. 

Just pay it forward. 

Eventually your train will get to its final stop and you will need to deboard.

At that time you will realize that life is about the journey AND the destination. 

Know and have faith that at the end of your ride your train will have the right passengers on board and all the passengers that were on board at one time or another were there for a distinct purpose. 

Enjoy the ride.”

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